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Dive into our spotlighted courses, handpicked for their relevance and impact. From mastering finance nuances to embracing the latest in IT, these courses promise transformative learning experiences.”

Future Financial Fundamentals

Unearth the core principles of finance, laying a foundation for advanced concepts.
KSh 12,500

Introduction to Modern IT

Embark on a tech journey, exploring the latest trends, tools, and apps in today’s digital realm.
KSh 15,000

Why Neljit classes?

Experience unparalleled education meticulously tailored for real-world triumphs. We bridges the gap between knowledge and applicable career success.


Explore a vast array of meticulously crafted courses, designed to elevate skills and ignite passions in diverse professional arenas.
Entrepreneurship Pack Classes

Entrepreneurship Pack

Delve into the entrepreneurial world, from ideation to execution, and learn the secrets to successful startups.
KSh 13,500

The Art of Self Mastery

Discover the keys to personal growth, enhancing self-awareness, and optimizing potential.
KSh 10,000

Digital Marketing

Navigate the online marketing landscape, mastering strategies from social media to content creation.
KSh 14,000
About us

Redefining Edtech with Comprehensive Courses

Neljit stands at the forefront of educational technology, offering an expansive range of transformative courses. From the complexities of finance to the dynamic world of IT, every lesson is meticulously crafted. Personal development, business acumen, sales strategies, or marketing insights—Neljit ensures holistic growth. Dive in, and let Neljit pave your pathway to professional mastery.

What our students say

Neljit transformed my perspective. Now, I navigate finance with unmatched confidence!
Kamau Njoroge
Future Financial Fundamentals
Never thought online courses could be so impactful. Neljit's IT program was thorough, engaging, and incredibly enlightening. A game-changer!
Wanjiru Mwangi
Introduction to Modern IT
Thanks to Neljit's sales strategies, I'm now a top-performing representative. Immensely grateful!
Hiari Onyango
Dynamic Sales Strategies
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